Dedicated to helping small business, we provide a one stop purchase management solution
underpinned by our leading edge financial accounting systems and business tools.

A service that pays for itself, it saves you and your team time and money.


Developed over many years with management and staff, accountants and others, we provide a solution specially tailored to the needs of the modern organisation. Key features include:

  • A purchase management system that gives you confidence that cost savings and efficiencies are always maximised. A simplified ordering process, purchase authorisations, best price and minimum order checking, stock count checks and much more are all automated features that save you time and money. A range of powerful financial controls built into the system ensure economies of scale. You can add in your own suppliers or use those that are pre-vetted, the choice is yours.
  • Confidential product listings at best market prices normally only available to multinationals, and often with savings of up to 40% are available to members. We work with suppliers to ensure best prices with quality service levels. Essential products include industry specific products as well as stationery, IT and cleaning consumables and equipment.
  • Personal Support is provided by a team of dedicated people helping smooth the procurement process. Our relationship with you is paramount and to help ensure you receive the very best support at all times both your Associate Partner and Support Manger are there for you. Your Associate Partner provides support and training to you and your team in key business areas and a friendly and experienced Support Manager helps you in your buying and quoting to ensure you achieve the best solution to fit your needs.
  • A multiuser system, the accounts package is simple to use and is fully integrated with your purchasing and sales saving you time on data entry, transaction analysis and more. Your accounts are automatically updated when issuing a purchase order, raising a client invoice or taking a stock count. And as your data contains full transaction details, powerful reporting tools help in quick and easy decision making.
  • Stock taking procedures help ensure that counts are quickly and accurately carried out. Stock management is streamlined and optimised, PPA/FP34 usage reports help ensure accurate reimbursements and automatic stock valuations provide for important time savings.
  • A client invoicing system with receipts issuance control gives you confidence that your cash flows are well managed. An easy to use client invoicing system means all invoicing is carried out quickly and accurately. With both invoice and payment collections centrally recorded and controlled, up to the second sales, receivables and cash information is always available in real time. And with transactions recorded in full, detailed accurate sales analyses can be performed.
  • Reporting tools that historically were only available to the most advanced multinationals now give you the operational capabilities to compete on a level playing field with the largest in the marketplace. Unique and powerful tools also enable you to monitor your buying, identify new cost saving opportunities and quickly fine tune your operations. A range of transaction reports allow you to perform special analyses on important operational areas.


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